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    Default rtia7 worth 200 more than the rtia5

    Just deciding on which fronts I want to go with my rtia1s. The rtia9s are way too much for me so not an option. I listen to 90 percent ht so between the rtia7s or the rtia5s. Not planning on getting a sub for quite awhile so my question is if the rtia7s as a pair are worth the extra 200s over a pair of the rtia5s? Thanks

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    Most people recommend the A5's over the 7's. General consensus is that they 5's and a good sub are better for HT. The 7's without a sub may be ok depending on the amp that you have pushing them. What Amp are you going to be using.
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    dont have any amp yet. I bought a used pioneer 1018 that is rated at 120 per channel and has preouts so I could get an amp later. Guessing the 200 would be better spent on other items? If I did a no no according to most here and did not get a subwoofer, would the 5s still be better than the 7s? I say no sub because room is 10x13 and even with the rtia1s as my fronts and monitor 30s as the rears, the bass for my ears is quite fine.

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    Maybe keep an eye on Polk Direct if a pair of A9s come up for bid:
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    You mentioned:

    - you're fine w/ the amount of bass you're hearing now
    - 90% HT usage (movies, tv, presumably)

    If you're happy with the amount of bass you have right now, and you're mostly just watching movies / tv / etc., then the A5s are probably fine. I assume that recommendation is due to the extra midrange driver.

    Plus they may be more easily driven by an AVR alone than the A7s and A9s. Sufficiently powered, though, the A7s sound great to me for music and movies. Caveat here is that you need dedicated power to get the most out of them, which = more $$.
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    The RTiA7's can push some serious bass when given ample dedicated power. When I used mine as fronts for music and through an AVR they were good but not great. However, when I put them with a Carver TFM-25 it was a holy $h!t moment. Big articulated and very controlled bass. Did not need a sub when running through the Carver. Totally needed a sub when running through an AVR.
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    A5's work great for HT and they're very efficient.

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