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    Default what this all for

    hi guys , I've been on before and got feedback both pos/neg.Todays question is as follows, I have a YAMAHARXv-665 avr w/ all sorts of sound fields which quite frankley add absolutely nothing to the music I'm listening to.

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    Welcome back. Even before I became an 'audio enthusiast', I only ever played around with those 'sound fields' for a limited time, sort of as a gimmick or novelty thing (such as Concert Hall effect, etc). I haven't seen those on more modern AVRs though.

    As far as the Dolby PL/Neo, THX, Neural, etc, they are all to serve some specific purpose such as getting simulated surround sound from a 2 channel source, etc.
    I use them from time to time when there is o Dolby or other native surroud signal comig through, but not really for music, with the exception of All Channel Stereo at gatherings.

    If you haven't already check out this and this page that describes what those features are for and what they do.
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    You won't hear any difference if your source is playing a CD or a 2 channel song. You will only hear it if you are playing 5.1 material.
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