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    Default Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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    Anyone planning on attending? I know there are several Club Members in the Greater Denver Area. I just found this looking on the SEAS site. Too late for me to make plans to go this year, but looks really interesting. $25.00 for three day admission, pretty reasonable cost and looks like this charge includes seminars.

    Read that they are clearing furniture out of 150 rooms in hotel for listening suites. The link takes you to exhibitors with displays at show. Didn't see Polk on the list. Wonder Why?

    If anyone is going, I would like to hear your impressions and will look at going next year if this is an annual event.

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    Not attending, sounds awesome though.
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    I also am not going, but I believe a few other guys from Affordable Audio magazine are to check out the equipment. This is a show I'd like to make one year as it's in a good location and is pretty cheap to attend.

    I also heard Grant Fidelity is going to be presenting so cool, new products... :D

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    Fritz speakers will be there again as well.

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