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    OK, unless your Onkyo is DEFECTIVE or if you have it set up incorrectly, there is no reason your Polk's will sound worse than your PC speakers. I GUARANTEE it!

    What exactly is it that doesn't sound right about it? They sound muffled? thin? tinny? boomy? crackling? Do they sound bad only at low volumes, high volumes? any volume? Do both speakers sound bad? Use the balance all the way to one side, or just disconnect the one speaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holmeed View Post
    I have a onkyo tx8522 receiver - and 4 -100 watt polk floor standing speakers and a polk 100 watt woofer PSW 125

    Sounds terrible. My $300 logitechs for my pc sound better and louder and clearer.

    Everything looks to be hooked up right. This receiver has no sub out I have them set like they said to in manual.

    Wow so this is what these polk sound like???

    I can't see what is wrong or is this just how they sound?

    Thanks for any help

    Could easily be room acoustics. What dimensions is the room, floor type, how is the gear positioned in the room. You mention 4 speakers, I would turn one set off. Generally 4 speakers in one room tend to do weird and negative cancellation effects badly affecting the sound. Also 4 speakers running at one time will generally make your amp run hotter than with 2
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