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    Default Non-powered subwoofer hookup?

    I'm doing a HT on a budget.
    I'm thinking about the Pioneer VSX-D912 7.1 receiver. The manual doesn't give too much background on subwoofer hookup.

    I was wondering what is the best way to connect an ) unpowered single subwoofer. It will be a 15" infinite baffle type mounted in the back of the room into the ceiling.

    A> Should I tie the subwwoofer into the rear surround channels and leave them as Large? I suppose then I would install a crossover on the subwoofer.

    Should I connect the subwoofer to the front speakers and leave it in the front of the room?

    Sould I just forget it and get a powered subwoofer?

    Any input is welcome!

    Front Speakers: Polk Monitor 10
    Front Center channel: Polk C175i
    Rear Surronds: Polk R15
    Subwoofer: Dayton 15 IB
    Extra speaker: Rti28, use undecided (might look for another one though
    Room: 17.5 x 24 x 8.5, 4 pairs of speaker wires to back wall

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    Assuming you have two driver:

    ...if you do, then hook one of each to the fronts...

    Definitely do not hook the driver up to the rear speakers, the LFE signal is not routed to the rear, rather it is routed to the front L/R speaker when the sub is set to no/off...

    Assuming you have one driver:

    If you only have one driver definitely get a power amp (stereo or mono) or a plate amp to power the driver...

    If you need any recommendations, let us know?

    Receiver: Outlaw 1050
    Amps: Outlaw M-200 x 3 (Powering Mains and Center)
    Mains: RT800i; Center: CS400i; Surrounds: F/X500i
    Sub1: 214L Vented Tempest
    Sub2: 122L Sealed Tempest

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    If it's a single voice coil, I 'd connect it to the center speaker and set it and your mains to large as the 10s can handle it and the PR won't make for a clean XO point anyways. Set the rears to small.

    Good luck!
    Make it Funky! :)

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    Sould I just forget it and get a powered subwoofer?
    Yes! There is a reason for the .1 in HT setups. IMO you need to have the LFE signal sent to the sub which means that signal will need to be amplified. There are too many reasonably priced alternatives not to go with a powered sub. Plus you may run into impedence issues if you try to run the passive subs with your mains. If you are determined to use the infinite baffle setup then go with beginners luck recomendation and use a plate amp or if you have an old receiver sitting around you could use that to power the sub.
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