A lot of people somewhat new to audio or AVR want to know how to get started or to step up.

I have done all of my stepping up with used units with the exception of some Rotel units. I think it is important to know what you want. A lot of advice is to buy stuff that can be upgraded and you can grow with....good idea.

My advice does not preclude that. But, in my case, I only need and want 5.1 with a DVD-Audio (multichannel in) to handle my OPPO BDP-83.

I just got a BK REF 30 and a older Rotel RB 985 (100 watters x 5). With the OPPO, the sound is fantastic. The first two units cost a total of $650 and sound far better than any $650 receiver. You can also do the same thing with used receivers. I just got an excellent Denon receiver for almost a 1/3rd of what it cost new....lacks a lot of the new bells and whistles, but does exactly what I want. I do not run any video through my system.

And, if you get a good price, you can often flip the unit and get most or even all or more of the money you put into it. Be very careful of your sellers and make sure the unit is fully functioning...audtion is nice if possible...someone with good track record should be fairly safe...there are alway ways to background checks on sellers....when possible, I personally check with other buyers from the seller. Chap. 1 next month.