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    Default dswpro 500 spesker out issue

    HI, I connect this subwoofer directly with the sound card of my pc, then use the subwoofers speaker out to drive a pair of bookshelf speakers, sobwoofer is fine , but cant get any voice from the bookshelfs. anyone konws whats wrong and how to make the speakout working? thanks!

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    The speaker terminal outputs is simply used when using a receiver/amplifier that lacks a dedicated subwoofer output.

    The speaker signal (from amp or receiver) is then run to the speaker terminal inputs of the subwoofer. This is what gives you the power that is received from the speakers if you connect speakers to the speaker terminal outputs of your subwoofer. It's pretty much the same as if you ran speakers connected directly from a receiver/amp. The subwoofer simply uses the signal from the speaker run.

    You may have been under the impression that the subwoofer's internal amplifier is to power a set of speakers. It's only there to power the subwoofer's driver itself.


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    pretty clear explanation, Very appreciated!

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