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Thread: 4x6 options..

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    Default 4x6 options..

    I have a porsche 993 and I'm doing the stereo in her... The rear deck has space for 4x6's and I'm replacing the original paper cones, I have Infinity kappa 6.5 seperates in the front and I want some mid fill from the back, I'm thinking about the POLK AUDIO DB460 or I have seen some good frquency response curves from the smaller "plate" 4x6 units like the infinity with a round cone, anybody have an idea which sounds better? a bigger oval cone or the smaller rounds??


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    Well, persoanlly, I'd with whatever speaker could handle more power. Not too many 4x6 oval speakers can handle a whole lot of power and frequency response isn't as great. The round plate speakers will only be about a 4 inch speaker at the most. Really that size is quite small for a rear speaker. It'll be hard to hear back there. Then again, it's a Porsche. Back there isn't too far away.

    The plate speakers will probably offer a better sound because of the round speaker but it has less cone area. It'll be harder to hear than the 4x6 oval speaker. You might want to go with the oval speaker that can handle enough power. Rear speakers are not meant for the majority of the signal information. They only provide rear fill in most cases and can suffer a bit on the quality side to gain enough power handling to be heard up front.

    I'd go with a 4x6 oval that can handle some power.

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    I prefer plate speakers...better sound quality...the new momos that are coming out handle 50 I think...but not sure

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    whatever u do, dont buy Blaupunkt 4x6 plates.. my girlfriend's friend at school snagged a set of those and no lie when i say they were worse than the stock factory speakers... yikes.

    EXII 4x6 plates weren't bad... i dunno if EXIII had any -- but like cody said they're comin out with a momo 4x6 plate, and at around 50 wrms that's probably enough to give you a suiteable rear... give em a shot... let us know how it works out. :)
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    I agree that plates are definately the way to go :D:D

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