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    Default Phil Collins "Face Value" - soon to be on Audio Fidelity gold CD

    Just posted by Steve Hoffman on his forum....

    This is one album that I love with my heart and soul and we wanted a good audiophile version in print. A version true to the original intent of the artist, producer and engineer. This is it, IMO.

    I just heard the CD Check disk and it's a true representation of the energy of the original analog mixes, being able to reproduce like never before the amazing album creation that has found a beloved place in so many record collections over the years.

    I did this with Stephen Marsh at his studio in Hollywood and once again (like we did for JAMES TAYLOR "One Man Dog") we disconnected Stephen's beloved mastering toys and opted for a clean, pure signal from the Ampex ATR directly to digital. Dynamic range is fully intact and that means that some songs are very wide in soft to loud. Don't blow your stereo up!

    The disk will definitely give your system a workout, that is for sure. Some of the songs have a LOT of treble energy, just like Phil wanted and some are more midrangy-mellow, just like Phil wanted. The bass is amazing, very lifelike. I didn't tamper with the original mix choices whatsoever and that includes tonal balance AND song to song balance (very important). If you want a real "record" of what was created in the studio way back when, this is it.

    Note: The first track drove my A-1 playback system into clipping so be careful and don't crank the low-level opening up too much. I gotta hook my McIntosh MC402 back up in there...

    At any rate, if you love this album like I do, this is a no-brainer. If you've only heard a song or two, when you get it, devour it all in one sitting, preferably with the lights out, just the glow of your gear...

    No bonus tracks, just the original album as envisioned..

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    It would be hard to top the generic first edition West German CD mastered by Barry Diament.

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