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    Default Crossover question please.


    I just purchased; Monitor 60's, CS1, Monitor 30's, PSW10 and an Onkyo TX-SR508.

    Would it be ok/safe to have my crossover set for 60hz? I am worried about the Monitor 30's getting damaged and having sound drop off, but the 60 hz sounds fuller to me.


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    It should be fine. The Monitor 60's will only go so low and they should hit 60hz without a problem. So anything lower than that will be pretty much ignored by them in theory.
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    Thanks for the response, but I was wondering about the Monitor 30's.

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    I had your same speaker setup, I tried running them at 60hz and 80hz. Personally I thought 80hz sounded better to me (do what sounds best to you). 60hz shouldn't hurt anything it's just that they won't replicate the low bass in that range as good as a subwoofer. Their lower -3db limit is 63hz so they will roll off before 60hz anyways.
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    The -3dB point is in an anechoic chamber. In-room extension will be lower than that. But the problem you run into when you set the crossover too near the speaker's -3dB point is that the crossover cascades with the natural rolloff of the speaker. Because of this, you won't lose bass in the 60Hz region... but you will lose some 30-60Hz bass from that channel since you're not allowing enough room for it to transition to the sub.

    Still, like I said, the in-room extension is probably lower than the spec'd rating, so if it sounds good to you, DO IT.
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    I have a very similar set up to you .....and I'm running my m 60's at 60 hz my m30's at 80hz and my cs1 at 80hz and this works very well for me .......the 30's seem to get sloppy below the 80hz range I'd rather send everything over to you subwoofer ......imo you would get more accuracy and bass response and less distortion this way ......whatever works best for your ears though.....every ear is different and room size furnishings etc all make a difference...........good luck
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