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    Default Small Bedroom Setup

    Hi guys! I have a quick question for you all:

    I currently have a nice HT setup in my living room with 2 x Monitor 70's for the front, a CS2, and then two Monitor 60's for the rears hooked up to an Onkyo SR-TX706. The receiver is at the back of the room, and on the other side of the wall it is up against is the master bedroom. I have a 50 inch LG 50PK550 mounted on the wall. The bedroom is about 12x10 feet and has a king bed in it, so there's not much room. Below the TV is a dresser that is quite wide (about 5-6 feet) with the TV centered above it. This tv is hooked up through the wall to receiver which I control with a Logitech Harmony 900.

    I'm planning on adding some speakers to the room, but for the post part, they'll need to fit on the top of my dresser I believe. The reason is that the door opens inwards into the room, and when completed opened, is only about 5 - 7 inches away from the dresser. My idea was to just buy two M30's or something, but then I got to thinking about a center speaker as well. What do you guys think? My Onkyo receiver has two zones to it, so I should be able to switch pretty seamlessly. As you can guess, I never use both zones at the same time (if I'm in the bedroom, nothing is running in the living room).

    I'm thinking just a simple setup, a CS2 and 2 x M30's all sitting on the dresser. They'll almost be side by side, so is it a waste to get M30's? And am I understanding zones correctly? Can I still use the video feed and just switch where the audio is being sent to (zone 1 or zone 2)?

    Edit: Forgot to mention the use of the TV. Its a 50/50 mix between games and movies/tv. Mostly I watch movies in the living room where the projector is, but on occasion I'll watch it in bed. So mostly its 50/50 games and tv.
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    Not really following you on this. Zones on an Onkyo are set up for 2 channel only. So you can't run a center off them. Also, if I remember correctly, the Onkyo will only do Zones off analog inputs not digital sources that are input into it.

    So 2 M-30s or even M-40s for a bit more bass with a similar footprint would do. Also, you can operate both the HT in the other room and listen to any analog source you want in another room using the zone is not an either/or.

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