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    Question RT600i & PSW 350 as good as RT1000?

    Would a PSW 350 and a pair of RT600i's be as good of a sound and or value as the RT1000i's? The drivers seem very similar accept for the built in subs, so wouldn't a PSW 350 fix that? I could even set the sub/600i crossover at 80hz, the same as the 1000i's crossover point. Any opinions welcome. Thanks, Tim.

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    tim, i would imagine you are going to recieve alot of different opinions on this. i would guess it is primarily a sound preference is what it comes down to. as for the pair of 600's and a 350, i would say you could get just as good of sound out of them as the 1000's. others will mention that the 1000 is already set up to blend the bass/mid/tweeter together. it really comes down to what you can hear, and what you like. i had the same problem with my front's, although it was between the 800i's and a better sub, or the 200p's and my existing sub. the sound of the 200p's would have been great for music, but i mostly listen to movies, so i thought the 800's had a much better midrange. i would rather manage the bass and crossovers in a seperate subwoofer rather than built into my fronts(but again, that is just preference)if the 1000's sound better, i would go with them. if you really want to play with your sub and try to get the most out of your LFE, i would suggest getting the 600/350 combo. just my .02
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    Good Question....
    can it sound as good???maybe.Will it blend together better?No.
    The rt1000i's have a much better blend from the tweeter to the midbass driver than the rt600i's do.Forget about low bass for the moment, the rt600i's are tring to play down to 40 or so hz threw i 61/2 driver,open cabnet to power port this driver and try to do mid bass as well.To much to ask of one driver.
    The rt1000i's have a single 61/2 driver only for midbass,down to only 90 hz.It is in a sealed incloser and has support of a internal subwoffer playing from 89hz to 32hz.Now it can't go down to 20hz but they are very musicial speaker's if you are willing to take the time into setting them up.As they are hard to setup,but when you do,they sound completly transparent(completley is strong but they are very nice).
    Sub/sat systems cannot take the place of a floor standing speaker unless you use a Rel sub and Vienna Hayden Bookshelves speaker's running them with a B&K ref2200 and a B&K PT3BII preamp,then you can do sub sat all day long.
    If you only watch movies with your system,then by all means buy the rt600i's but step up to a psw450,you will be much happier with that sub over the smaller psw350.

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