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    Default 5.1 or 7.1 speaker recommendations


    I have most of my polk setup, and just waiting to finish my basement before finishing my set. The basement is all mine, as far as the wife is concerned, so I'm free to do what I want. I won't go into room dimensions or anything, but i have a pioneer 1018 amp that supports 7.1, if i want it. My current speaker setup is: fronts: Rti10's center: Csia6, Sub: dsw pro600.

    I am under the impression, if i stick with a 5.1, I am better off with a fxia4/6 (who am i kidding, i'll be getting the 6's). or if i go 7.1, i am better off with 4 of the rtia3's?, rather than 2x fx and 2 rti?

    errr, i'm getting confused just reading that last part back.

    Best setup for 5.1 is fxia6?
    Best setup for 7.1, 4 rti's or 2 rti 2 fxi? i'm assuming 4 fxi's would be overkill/not neccesary.



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    Welcome to Club Polk! You'll get a lot of good advice here.
    Actually, it would be worthwhile to know your room dimensions/layout. My room is longer than the width, and for me, the FXi speakers work well on the sides, with a pair of RTis in the back.
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    Okay, sorry about the long wait before replying... Life's busy.

    So my theatre room, I have a total room size of 20 by 15, but where my theater is, I'm thinking 15" by 8-10" (Unfinished, Have some flexibility here). I will not be partitioning off the rest of the room at all, it will be open, with a bar in the corner. I am thinking now of getting a projector with a 92" screen, and will obviously have the center and towers placed accordingly.

    So again, for the rears, 5.1 = 2 x fxi, 7.1 = 4 x rti? I am undecided on what to use, but given where my receiver will be, I have no use for the multiroom option, which use my 6/7 channels.


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    I'm personally not a big believer in surrounds for specific surround duty. I;ve always used whatever the timbre matching bookshelf was, in this case the RTi.

    I have had some beefy surrounds and often they are underutilized (my current LSi9 are a perfect example.)

    see which you can get the best deal on and go that route, you will not go too wrong, especially if your doing 7.1. If the best deal is on the FX, then go get em.
    Theater - Polk LSi15, LSiC, LSi9 speaks, DIY Sub (142.5L box, SVS plus driver, 500 Watt plate amp)...Outlaw 990 pre/pro, Carver TFM45, 2 X Outlaw M200 . Rotel RB980 . PS3, Monster 3600 power center

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