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    Question Best AMP for mm12

    i was wondering what the best amp for a polk/momo mm12 is for under like 400 bucks (preferablely), i was looking a mtx thunder 502, ive heard it on a mm12 and it sounded nice, but only gives out the rms at 500 max, would it be better to run like 600-700 though it?

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    mtx 502 is basically an mtx 8302/ 302 / blue thunder 150.2 on steroids.

    its 500 x 1 rating at 14.4 isn't an underrating, and the amp does virutally the same power as the old 302's.

    good little amp -- i run two DX10's off one of those (get about 230 - 240 a sub) ... my buddy run's two momo 10's off two blue thunder 150.2's... they sound fine to me.

    so yes, it'll do the job, but not as well as 650 watts will.

    i'd prefer a 650 x 1 to a single mm12.

    Hifonics Nemesis NX600 -- 600 x 1 at 4 ohms bridged.
    price = $225 on sale at (was 350 minus 125 instant rebate).

    RF punch 700S - 700 x 1 bridged at 14.4v
    price = $270 at

    RF power 550S - 550 x 1 briged at 13.8 v - underrated, will probably do about 650 x 1 bridged ...
    price = $270 at

    cadence makes a mean amp too that'll pump a momo good but i dont know the price. its like 750 x 1 bridged i think -- Adam Kreske got it for his i believe.
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