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    Default anyway to repair rt55i silver dome coil tweeter seam?

    During a recent move to paint the house, the silver dome of the rt55i tweeter got pushed in pretty good. I took the speaker grill and front bezel off and was able to carefully push the dome part of the tweeter back out.
    This part of the tweeter is attached to the black bezel part and Iam not sure how to get this part of the tweeter off the bezel.

    The problem is there is a crack in the seem around the outside of the sivler dome, about 50% or more of the 1" dia. dome. Is there a way to seal this cracked seam? I heard of people using nail polish or maybe super glue. Does anybody sell a speaker type repair glue. The speaker(tweeter) still seems to work fine and sounds good. I can't seem to hear any distortion from the tweeter.

    How do you think polk would fix this. The tweeter itself is ok, Its just the external part of the silver dome which is somehow directly attached to the black bezel, and this part of the tweeter does include the wiring. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    I know that there is a glue that you can use to repair drivers, but I don't know that it's a universally practiced thing to use that on tweeters. I would think that tweeters would be a little on the sensitive side and that using a glue would adversely affect the overall sound. According to the average prices of the tweeters out there, I'd guess that with the Club Polk discount, that you'd be getting it for around $70 or so. Either way, probably worth a call to Customer Service to see what they can do for ya. I don't think that the 55's are quite out of warranty time, so who knows what could happen........Good Luck.
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    Yea contact CS, even if you are able to fix the tweeter, pick up a replacement. Most likely it will not sound the same again, but I could be wrong.

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