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    Default Broken MicroPro 3000, what options?


    I have a Polk MicroPro 3000 subwoofer that I got a year ago new in sealed box on eBay. Unfortunately it started having issues with cutting out, eventually becoming totally silent. There were chop-off sounds like a basketball bouncing on the floor when there were supposed to be more flowing base sounds. When it works, it still plays sound in its full beauty, until it starts cutting out.

    I assume that this is a blown amplifier, is is this a common occurence in the MicroPros? Since I got it on eBay, there is no warranty, a replacement amp is $600, more than I actually paid. I opened it up to see if there is something obvious wrong, but everything seemed visually in order, except for a small metal L-bracket that stuck to the speaker magnet and didn't seem to belong anywhere. The build quality inside was very clean and solid, so I don't think this is a knock-off. The speaker looks inside almost more impressive than outside.

    What would you do?

    • Sell for parts?
    • Get a 3rd party sub amplifier like a Dayton that fits the 10x10 back plate? Is this feasible, or is a sub amplifier specifically tuned to a certain kind of speaker?
    • Fix it in some other way?
    • Dump it?


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    Send the amp to Ben62670 for repair
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    Send the amplifier to me. I'm available by email if you highlight my name.

    Las- Is he really in the subwoofer repair business now?
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    I wonder if that L-Bracket belongs to something and should be sent with amp for repair.

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    Try the Polk eBay store and get a new one (or similar) for the same price. Then you'll have a warranty too.
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