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    Default Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Just picked this game up today on PS3 as part of the Black Friday deals ($35 at both Target and Best Buy - go get it!).

    Anyone else here have this game? Given that a large portion of the game is built on competition between friends on your PSN "Friends" list, I thought it would be fun to get some Polkies with the game on my friends list.

    If you have it, add me (PSN name = BA11Z1N1) and post your PSN names here!

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    Bumping for this. I got it for xmas, and would like to have some competition.

    PSN is the same, "concealer404."
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    I just got mine running.
    I dont have a manual though.Anyone want to scan it for me and email it to me..Please.
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    It is really amazing and outstanding game for ever. There are superb graphics and very well designed it. It looks very attractive. It is really fantastic game for all. I like the most to play it. There are so many features of it. It is really wonderful game.

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    psn: fiste_hanover

    Ima getcha.
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