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    Default Polk Newb here with a Monitor 70 question

    So I'm one of the people that recently bit on the Newegg sales on Polk's. Due to time zones, I was lucky enough to sneak in on a $90 promo (which ends up only being $10 cheaper then they are currently) at 1:50am (how in the world I managed to complete a transaction is beyond me)

    So, I've decided to trade up from:
    Fronts: Yamaha NS-A100XT
    Rears: Yamaha NS-5290
    Center: JBL N-Center II


    Monitor 70's and 40's, and a CS2 all Cherry.

    The question that I've been struggling with is: (pre-shipment ADHD?) I'm currently running everything off an H/K AVR635. Anyone have any insight as to whether this will be a good fit, or am I looking at amping these things further down the road?

    I don't find many people that use Harmon receivers, and I'm hoping that's more of a fluke than an issue. What are the "pros" thoughts on this? It is 75x7, and I'd like to think 75 watts of H/K is a little better than 75 watts of Aiwa and I can get by. A lot of what I'm finding though says that I need to amp these speakers to really see their true value.

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    The 635 will be a great fit for your setup. It also has preouts if you choose to add separate amplifiers later. I've got an older HK AVR that still gets use today in a second system.

    Keep us in the loop after you get it setup. Welcome to the boards, and thanks for choosing Polk Audio!

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    Welcome to CP!
    Not a pro and I have little experience with HK receivers but I think they're generally thought to be a good match with Polk speakers. That said, the 70's will benefit from being driven by something with more horsepower than your current unit...and I see your receiver does have preouts (thanks Russman) so you should be able to add a separate amp. If you do, those 70's will really open up IMO.
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    Welcome to Club Polk Glowrdr

    I agree with the above posters that HK is a great choice to drive your 70s.

    Enjoy your new audio and HT experience


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    enjoy them, they sound great with movies

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    Enjoy your new setup.You should hear a big improvement!
    Welcome to the best forum on the net!!
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    You will get a huge improvement. I had the 100XT and 200XT Yamaha speakers.... when you compare those to the Polks you'll see a HUGE difference in clarity. I swear my 100XT's didn't even have a crossover but inline caps - that's how bad the sound quality was on them! Funny because I kept them for almost 8 years too.
    Your HK will drive them just fine.... and you an always upgrade later.
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