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    Default Need advice on rears and subwoofer for a new setup.

    Iíve decided to gear up my HT and Iím upgrading from a 7.1 HTIB.

    The receiver is probably going to be an Onkyo NR708. I just bought a pair of Polk Monitor 40s and a center CS2 (couldnít resist a great deal from newegg). For the subwoofer, I was considering a PSW10, but Iíve been reading that it is just ok and there are much better options.

    My question is: should I mix-in something else besides Polk for my subwoofer? or should I consider a PSW505 instead? Also, for the rear/surround Iíd like to add a pair of OWM3s. Is that a good choice based on my setup?

    My room is mid-size and I want to start with 5.1, my budged is ~300 left for surround and subwoofer. I could start with a 2.1 system and add surround eventually.

    Thanks for inputÖ

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    The PSW505 is a best buy budget wise for an older Polk sub. Still better than any Polk sub in the PSW series today including the PSW125--and, as you point out, it can be had for less coin.

    The rest of your system looks very good!

    You can run a 3.1 system for a while and be fairly happy till you pick up some M40s or M30s as rears?


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    +1 on the psw 505 way better than the resst of the psw and if your like me nd like to be matched go for it.if your budget is higer than hsu vtf3 mk3 would be my opinion not there on.the.dollar eda2 300 would!! Good luck!
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    +1 again on the PSW505 over a PSW10. I have two and am happy with them. buying rears may stretch your budget but the 505 over the 10 is worth it. Like CNH said you could run 3.1 for a while and save up for monitor 60 or 70 fronts and put the 40's in the rear. If you stick around the forum enough, trust me that thought will start bugging you. 30's in the rear would be great though. That would be a solid system.

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