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Thread: 8 inch sub

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    Red face 8 inch sub

    Need advise; i am putting a 8 inch sub in my truck. This is the only size that i want. I am looking at 2 brands. Jl audio and polk audio. The 2 that i am looking at ,and getting reviews on are ,polk audio mm840,and jl audio 8w3v3. The reviews on both of these are pretty much the same. The price differents is around $100.00. I will be using a 400 rms mono amp to push them, and put in a sealed box. What is the right choice?

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    IF both have same reviews and specs but JL is $100 more it's a no-brainer to me - Polk all the way.
    While JL makes good products they do add additional fee for their name ;) so in reality both subs are probably same in performance AND price, but you are stuck with paying "JL AUDIO" fees for using their name.

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