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    Default 'Walker, Texas Ranger' Chuck Norris Becomes Actual Texas Ranger

    "Chuck Norris cracked skulls for years as a Texas ranger on television, and now Texas wants to make it official, minus the cracking skulls part. Gov. Rick Perry is scheduled to make the 70-year-old actor an honorary member of the famed law enforcement squad on Thursday, AP reports.

    The small ceremony will take place at an unspecified Texas Rangers office in suburban Dallas, TX.

    Perry is also giving Chuck's younger brother Aaron, a stunt coordinator and producer, an honorary membership as well."
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    70? Wow, didn't realize he was that old. I suppose a healthy daily dose of doling out round house kicks keeps one young...
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    I'm surprised it took this long.
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    He lives like 30 minutes away from my house. My wife used to give his kids gymnastics lessons.

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    Good for Chuck, he's one of the good guys.
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