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    Question Digital Coax or Optical fiber

    I have been upgrading my cables as of late. I was wondering about the differences between digital coax and fiber optic interconnects.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/preferences/experiences??

    So far I've been going with Monster. It's not all that expensive and seems to be pretty popular.

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    This has been discussed over and over. A simple search for "coaxial and optical" brings up lots of threads. Here are a few:
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    Amazing -- 4 threads, same title /////

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    people on here use both. both do the same thing.. and I think cost nearly the same price.

    some people prefer the coax over the optical because it's made better. the optical while good... is usually of a lower quality.. and could, i say COULD suffer from loss of signal if it is bent at a sharp angle.

    As for sound difference.. none. here again, some, i say SOME people say they can hear a difference. I honestly can't hear any difference. I use both optical and coax. Coax from my DVD player to my receiver. and I use optical from my Dish Network and from my PS2 (Playstation 2 video game console).
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    very old topic but a good question nonetheless.I have conducted this test unitll I have turned blue.I cannot hear the difference between the 2 different calbles.I have been told by many that the coax design is best due to keeping it electrical.The toshink has to be converted I listened and listend untill I couldn't listen anymore.I tried movies and cd's......same results with absolutey no tonal change ,dynamics stayed the same.Clearity was the same.

    If you buy high quality of each,you will hear nothing different.If you do your hearing is better then mine.
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    Originally posted by danger boy
    and could, i say COULD suffer from loss of signal if it is bent at a sharp angle.
    As far as sound quality...couldn't tell any difference between the two. The only reason I now use coaxial is the durability factor. Seems I'm behind the rack as much as I am in front of it and don't have to worry about kinking an optical cable.
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