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Thread: waffeled pants

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    Default waffeled pants

    today while blasting with my new rti150s i realized what having your pants waffled felt like, as described by Doc. now these are just rti150's so i can only imagine what an SVS subwoofer would do. my pants however are currently flapping in the wind, slightly, but its a new thing for me so im enjoying the moment.
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    I've been enjoying that feeling for at least 30 years, but have only had a subwoofer for the past couple.

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    I need to get my Aiwa Receiver and RTi150 on. Seems I have been misleaded --- Boy, wait till you get a 200-300 watt amp on them things. /////

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    Watched "Basic" last night. The scene when the phosphorous grenade goes off almost blew my shirt off. Awesome.

    See my other post about your 150's. They need serious power to strut their stuff. Go with at least 300 per side of HIGH CURRENT amp. And THEN you will start waffling some pant legs. :D

    BTW, welcome to the PWC - Pants Waffling Club.

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