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    Default Studio/shop 2 ch System with T15s

    I grabbed up a pair of Polk T15 monitors for half price at BB over the Thanksgiving holiday and am planning to use them as a "step up from the portable boom box" 2 channel system in a 14' x 24' art studio/workshop in conjunction with this Sherwood receiver:

    Eventually, I've got my eye on something like a Logitech Squeezebox Touch to supply the tunes but will probably subsist on an ancient cd player for the time being.

    Granted, it's not going to rock the house down but that's part of the appeal....The studio it's going into is fairly thin walled and within 20' of our neighbors' bedroom window.

    Does anyone see any glaring incompatibilities with any of this proposed equipment in conjunction with these speakers that I'm unaware of or have any other thoughts on this combo?


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    Have you already bought the receiver? If you can live with 2 inputs, and no remote -

    I've had that Sherwood (bought for mom to use), and they just aren't up to snuff. Not even for a shop system. Besides, you can get the Audiosource for $88 shipped. It has front mounted balance and volume controls, and two sets of inputs on the rear (signal sensing).

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