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Thread: CSiA4 vs. CS10

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    Default CSiA4 vs. CS10

    Quick question for everyone:

    I am going to get a pair of RTiA5's for my HT system. Now technicially, the matching center is a CSiA4 or 6, and I've had my eye on the 4. However, in the store, I like the sound of the CS10 better, when paired with some RTi8s (those are basicially a previous version of the RTiA5s, aren't they?). I've compared the CSiA4 directly with the CS10. What am I missing? Should I forget the "correct" answer and just go with my ears? The speakers in the store were being powered by a Denon AVR-3311, and I have a Denon 1910 that I will be using.


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    I would go with whatever sounds best to YOU.

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    I have RTi8' im using a CSi5 center, sounds fantastic. I dont think the CS10 is a match with the RTi series.
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    I was using a CS20 w/ my RTi A7s for a while (new version of RTi10s I guess). While the speaker itself was great sounding (hooked to a Denon AVR 3311ci), when I picked up a CSi A6 I finally understood what people meant by timbre/voice matching. Front soundstage sounds much more seamless with the CSi A6.

    BTW, I heard the CSi A4 in the store and it sounds really nice too. +1 for the CSi A4.
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