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    Default How to hook up 3 115V transformers with 1 power transformer?

    Is this possible? Can I hook two transformers up to one set of secondary outputs and the third up to another set of secondary outputs?

    The types of transformers that will be connected to are:

    Two transformers that have these specs: Pri : 0-115vx2, Sec : 0-165V(0.1A).0-9V X2(1A) and they are R core (not that that really makes a difference).

    One toroidal transformer with these specs: Load: 15VA Secondary output: 9 + 9

    I need a power transformer to drive all 3 loads. Can someone please let me know of one?


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    I'm trying to help you out, but confused on what you're trying to do. What's the big picture here? What is the secondary output? Of the transformer?

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