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    Default Merry Christmas to me (maybe)

    On 12/8 someone posted a c400.4 on CL for $100. I've always wanted this amp but stayed away for some reason. Look this morning, and its been lowered to $50. So I go to meet the guy and test the amp. The amp was flashing the thermal code and not powering up. Not sure what this means, but after all the mess he lowered the price to $20. I just couldn't refuse at that point. Even if I have to put $100 into fixing it, it was a solid purchase IMO.

    The catch is, I can't figure out why its throwing the thermal flash. The main thing I noticed right away is that both 30A fuses had been replaced w/ 40A fuses. After taking it apart though, I see no evidence of any blown transistors or caps. I'm going out to get some 30A fuses and see if it helps,but I don't know what good it would do.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Congrats! Thats amp would give you almost as good a xover network as you hu.

    First reaction though, is to pm Cody. If you haven't done that already.

    On the face of it 40A fuses where there should be 30A, doesn't look very promising. But I'm sure whatever the issue, you should have it up and working well within the $100 budget. More so since you can do do it yourself.

    You did right. The amps a steal at $120.

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    There is something wrong with it. Last night after the sun went down, I reinstalled it w/ 30A fuses. The short/low ohm load light was lit. It was invisible during daylight because it is lit so dimly. I'm calling Tech tomorrow to see if they have any insight they can provide.

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