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    Smile moniter 70's and VSX 520

    Hey guys! I'm new to club polk, so take it easy on me, I dont know much.

    I was wondering if the receiver I got would be able to power the set up I'm planing to run. The set up is 2.1 for now, with hopes of adding another 3 speakers later. I wil have 2 moniter 70's in the front, with a PSW10 as my sub. Will my reciver be able to power this setup?

    What would the best way to set all this up be?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Geek, welcome to Club Polk. Of course, any receiver can power any setup; the question would be at how high a sound level. Your VSX 520 is rated at 110 watts per channel with two channels driven at that power level for five continuous minutes (under the FTC regulations for power amplifier ratings). Your Monitor 70s are average in sensitivity and need about 1 watt for a comfortably loud average sound level. Of course, brief split-second peaks on material that has wide variations in sound levels requires much more, but nothing that your 520 can't supply at sound levels which are safe for your hearing. You should have no problem.

    The sub is self-powered, so it doesn't place any more burden on the receiver; in fact it takes some off by handling the power requirements in the low bass frequencies.

    There's nothing complicated in the setup that you describe. Use standard electrical wire to connect the M70s and a coaxial cable with an RCA plug on each end will go from sub out on the VSX520 to the sub. A crossover between the M70s and the sub will be set, with 80Hz probably being the best choice. Enjoy.
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