Wasn't quite sure where exactly to post this- either in the vintage section or the regular speaker section. Sorry for posting in both sections. Just trying to find the best current speakers to match my vintage S10 speakers.

I have a set of S10 speakers that I've had since college- almost 20 years old. They have barely been used and are in mint condition. I'm finishing a room in the basement and I'm going to turn it into a home theater.

I want to use my S10s as the mains and purchase a new center channel and surround speakers. What current speakers do you guys think would pair up well with my S10s? I was looking at the CS20 for the center and the monitor 30 for the surround. Basically the most expensive speakers that stay within my budget. Would those be good choices or is there something else that would match better?

I was looking at a $250 budget for the three speakers.

Thanks in advance.