I have quite a few concert dvd's, mostly classic rock bands, and I tend to buy newer recordings because the audio and video quality tends to be better.

So, because of that, these guys are old duffers playing old music. What I don't really get is a lot of these dvd's will throw in a few options for the the audio, like dolby 5.1 or 7.1, and DTS, but do you think they'll throw in a widescreen version of the video? Nooooo

So I'm watching a Deep Purple dvd right now from 2002 (Christmas present), and no widescreen (AC/DC did it in 2001). It's in DTS and sounds pretty good, but when I expand it out to fill my screen, they look even older and fatter than they would if it was in the right perspective.

You'd think these old guys would at least want to look normal size instead of even fatter old bastids.

I guess it's probably about money and camera costs.