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    Default Decent DVD player with 5.1 analog out

    Looking for a dvd player with 5-7.1 analog out for maybe under $200.

    Can't find an older OPPO but probably too much anyway. This is for #1 son who is not gentle with the goods.

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    Any older Panasonic that can do DVD-Audio, or Yamaha that has a DVD-A, and SACD option will have such outputs and a decent Visuals.

    A number of people bought the Yamaha DVD 1800 when it was on sale for less the 100.

    Ask Mike (keiko) he has one and I'm pretty sure it has 5.1 on the back?

    At this point, I'm pretty sure you could get an old Oppo, as well, for less than 200 as everyone is upgrading to Oppos BDP Universals.

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    I replaced my Harman Kardon DVD47 with an Oppo, and can verify the DVD47 and DVD22 both have analog outs (7.1).

    I'm not at a 100 post count yet, and can't sell it online here - but it is currently for sale if interested. PM me.

    Otherwise you may want to consider something like the Panasonic BDP-85? Granted, its a blu-ray player, but it does have the analog outs, and will play DVD's as well. You may find similar results with lower model blu-ray players as well (look for Panasonic and Samsung for more commonly found analog)
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    I had planned to give him the Panasonic S52, but it has no analog out, so it looks like he will get my OPPO 980HD...unless I find something cheaper....just hooked up the Panasonic and had forgotten that it is a pretty decent unit.

    Am I right that anything that plays SACD will have the needed analog out....?...or is that not 5.1? thanks a lot....

    Pioneer Elite 45A....$125...what do ya think?
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