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    Default SurroundBar 3000 IHT Extended FAQs

    SurroundBar 3000 IHT Extended FAQs

    Here we will address many circumstances and issues that you may run into when Using a SurroundBar 3000 IHT

    Q: When I connect my SB3000 to my television/dvdplayer/bluray player via optical cable I don't get any sound?

    A: This has 2 possible answers;

    1. Make sure that your devices setting are set up to output audio to an external audio device;

    a. Televisions - This will generally be a setting in the TV's setup menu, please reference your televisions user manual for this setting.

    b. DVD/Bluray player - Many DVD and blu ray players give you the option now to change the audio format to one of 2 options. Either Bitstream or PCM(sometimes labeled as LPCM). Make sure that when you access your DVD/BR player menu you change its audio output to PCM or LPCM, if it is selected to Bitstream then this may cause improper audio signal to be sent out that the SB3000 can not understand.

    2. If you have confirmed the settings mentioned in Answer 1, then your device's optical audio output may only send out audio in a format known as Dolby Digital. While the SB3000 is designed to produce high quality sound it does not carry the ability to decode Dolby Digital, That option is reserved to the SurroundBar 6000 IHT. In these cases simply follow our informative Training videos on how to utilize the Analog audio connection methods.
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    I have just connected a Sound Bar 3000 to my Samsung TV. I am not getting audio from some of the streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu plus. I am getting audio to the TV just not to the 3000. After reading the above post I now suspect that Netflix has dolby digital and that is why I don't hear it? The TV is a Samsung UN32D6500VF that does not have analog outputs. I am guessing that the optical to analog converter will do the trick? If so will the audio be the same quality as the SPDIF output?

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