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    Default IR hex codes for SurroundBar 6000

    I am trying to get my SurroundBAr 6000 to work with a home automation system; Control4. When I try to program the driver to allow the system to remotely operate the SB6000 it simply will not respond. This is unusual because the Control4 system works with EVERY other device if is programed with the remotes. (it has a remote learning mode and it has had no problem learning the remote that came with SB6000).
    The only other issue, which I can't readly determine is where the IR reciever is located on the SB6000. I have been told it is in the middle under the mesh but it needs to be very specific for the IR sender bud to work so that wuld be the second question.

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    Im having the same issue with irule. Have you had any luck?

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    Use the test feature on the control HC 300 or what ever one you are using . have someone hold the IR emitter around the location that it's supposed to be in and test a code. repeat this process until you find the exact spot of the input sensor. I suggest removing the White sticky while you are test and replace it when you locate it.
    I run into this problem with Samsung TV's as they like to move the sensor from model to model.
    Have you upgraded to 2.0.5 yet? Did you look for codes on the online library? Just to be sure your codes are captured correctly , you can use a IR blaster which I keep one in my laptop bag for this kind of issue.

    Try waving the IR emitter over the "learn"area of the sensor bar window , In the manual it doesn't show you where the IR is but I'm assuming that s where it is.
    I have been programming Control 4 since 2006 1.24 composer version. let me know how you make out.
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