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    Default to use sr6500 x overs, or go fully active???

    Can anyone pipe in on what the advantages might be /not be if I bi-amp the x-overs on my sr6500s? Or should I go active? Like another member here, I too have a Soundstream HRU.4 and want to use it on my sr6500 for the front sound stage. I can run em fully active off the amp, but read somewhere on this forum how well thought out the SR x-overs were.

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    Bi-Amp = more power to each driver and more gain control on the tweeters other than the xover settings.

    Going active will always be your best bet. The xovers are stellar, but having the ability to change those points can allow you to cope with your listening environment. Each small tweak, even changing the slope by 6 db, can change the way you listen to your music.

    On a side note, even owners of the LSi series tweak the factory passive crossovers to get more out of their speakers. Its not saying the factory xovers are bad, just that there are ways to improve the sound. Just like going active in your car.

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    It depends on what youre looking for.

    If youre not wanting to spend a lot of time with trial and error trying different settings and tuning, run them straight off the x-overs. Cant go wrong there.

    If you dont mind a little tuning, bi-amp them thru the x-overs. This way you dont have to worry about the proper crossover frequency, youll just adjust the gains of the tweeter channels to better blend in with the mids.

    Or if you want to do some tuning and get the best SQ possible, run them fully active and experiment with the best settings.

    The best I found, and this has been in 3 different cars now, is cut both the mid and tweet off at 4 KHz @ 24 db/oct.
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