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Thread: New Install

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    Default New Install

    here are a few pics i snapped eariler. i will go into detail on their opperation and a quick review later tonight.
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    Linn AV5140 fronts
    Linn AV5120 Center
    Linn AV5140 Rears
    M&K MX-70 Sub for Music
    Odyssey Mono-Blocs
    SVS Ultra-13 Gloss Black:D

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    Got any pics of the a-pillars? Equipment list?
    Music is like candy, you have to get rid of the rappers to enjoy it

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    as requested....

    Head unit: Alpine INA-900BT - chose this unit over the kenwwods i had initally been lookiing at mainly due to the user interface. the kw was very laggy and would momentarly lockup when tring to scroll and use some of its functions, the alpine also had a crisper screen. the parrot bluetooth has so far worked flawlessly and very clear. while he navi isnt a garmin unit it does work well and has some nice features. it came with all the needed componets to hook up the bt, a usb drive, backup camera, and ipod. i had to call thier tech support twice and both times the person on the other line was very knowledgeable and had me fixed up within a minute, also the wait times were nominal at best.

    Processor: Audison Bitone 1.5- tons of adjustments, easy to setup, software installed effortlessly and using the software is very simple. it is a little "different" although fit and finish are first class. the power, remote, ground, remote out and a few of the other inputs use a removeable clip. small screws are used to secure the wires to the removeable and then the clip is plugged into the unit. good thing about this is that if the clip ever stripps a screw just replace the small cheap clip not the processor. the users manual could be a little clearer but it isnt that bad.

    Front stage amp: Soundstream Human Reign HRU.4- super clean and makes tons of power, not much else to say about it. one thing that is starting to get anoying though with music that i have never noticed before is the distortion in live recordings. when listening to some of my live van morrison stuff i am hearing some distortion that sounds like he has his mouth too close to the mic. i think this is a recording issue not playback

    Sub amp: Audison LRX 1.1 - 1100 rms watts @1ohm, all componets are had selected to +/- 3%. the amp was a little "different" i guess would call it, but first class all the way. it has removeable rca's that can be turned in or out depending on how you want it to look/be installed. hooking up two subs is made easy due to the fact that even though it is a mono amp it has two sets of inputs and then bridges the inputs internally.

    Install materials:
    Pure copper 0 awg power and ground wires to Stinger 0awg distro blocks
    4 awg wire to both amps
    Speaker wire is 12awg monster
    used a ton of sound deading from rear of cab all the way to the front firewall, doors were doubled up on both the inner and outer pannels
    RCAs are a double insulated, gold plated, acustic research in 6ft from the bitone to the amps and 16fr from the headunit to the bitone.

    Tweets: Hybrid audio legatia pro L1V2.
    Mids: hertz ml1600
    Subs: new pioneer shallow 12s, plan on replacing these with a set of stereo integrity mkIIs as soon as more become avaliable

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    i made the pillars out of some 2in pvc elbows that i cut a few times to get the angle i wanted. it was a blance between having the set out at good angels for sq and shallow mounted for a clean factory look. it took about 3-4 tires to get them just how i wanted i terms of shape and another 2-3 times of covering each of them with the headliner material. upholstery work is very tedious and annoying compared to doing simple pvc/bondo work in my opinion. i would advise to always start at the highest point of the pillar (highest area of the tweeter pod not the physical top of the pillar), and work in small areas spraying the hightemp headliner glue a little at a time and working the material. i will get some pics up tomorrow that show them installed in a little more detail, unfortunately i didnt make any pics during their construction.

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