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    Default my way should work

    Hi guys. When I got my gear I thought it was capeable of doing some cool- functions,
    one which is watching tv and listening to tunes at the same time. I tried hdmi out of cable box into the Yamaharx-v665.I get great tv but cannot seperate the two. To solve this I added a toslink optical to seperate the audio and I have the best of both worlds.Why can't the HDMI cable that costs so much can not do this simple task.Also I never ever use my tvs' speakers just the Klipschs.

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    Pretty standard with AVRs
    Speakers: SDA-1C (most all the goodies)
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    Digital: Mac mini 2.3GHz dual-core i5 8g RAM 1.5 TB HDD Music Server Amarra (memory play) - USB - W4S DAC 2
    Cables: Mits S3 IC and Spk cables| PS Audio PCs

    Ofc: Wright WLA12 preamp: Anthem Amp 1: Pio Elite DV-79AVI: Airport Express: CAL Sigma II DAC: PA LS90 sonicaps and mills

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    I run HDMI to avr for normal mode, run component from source directly to tv. Doing this way run normal mode via HDMI, playing tunes watching tv via component cable.

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    If your receiver has 2 zones, you could run the tv in zone 1 and a music player in zone 2, though running 2 zones at once may be an issue for some receivers.

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