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Thread: OPPO BDP 83se

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    Default OPPO BDP 83se

    Just got this in today used with hopes of a great movie experience this evening. I have an 83 but wanted an 83se for the analog upgrade. (I didn't send mine in so I could either keep or sell it).

    Hopefully, you can save me a couple hours of troubleshooting. I cannot get video to display with either HDMI or Component. Without a disc, I don't get the OPPO logo and cannot bring up the Setup Menu. I get the bluish screen but extremely distorted with diagonal lines. Like a 1950's CRT.

    When a disc is inserted, I get a greyish screen with black horizontal lines.

    I have tried both the OPPO HDMI cable that came with the new unit and mine from the 83. If the video output was set different to 1080p instead of my TV's 1080i, I should still be able to bring up the Setup Menu.

    The HDMI input does seem a wee bit loose...and I will see if I can screw it down tighter.

    Ideas? Thanks a lot.

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    I've seen that kind of 1950's CRT jagged diagonal lines before when I had my dvd player setting set to interlace instead of progressive scan,but you've already tried both of the settings on your tv. Keep trying the HDMI connection,keep us informed.

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    Try doing a reboot, unplug it while its turned on.

    Well, I just pulled off the impossible by doing a double-blind comparison all by myself, purely by virtue of the fact that I completely and stupidly forgot what I did last. I guess that getting old does have its advantages after all :D

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    I knew it would be simple. I talked to the seller....great guy. He remembered that he had the bdp output set to 1080p. So, I used a composite cable connection to bring up the setup menu and put output to 1081 and made a couple other changes, and all is good/great.

    Then I noticed (which I knew once) that in the lower left of the remote, you can adjust the resolution on the bdp and I would not have needed to go through the composite connection.


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