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    Default Soundbar 6000 Remote Signal Strength

    We just purchased the 6000 and have it all set up and the Uverse remote control all set up with the soundbar as well.

    The issue we are having is that the soundbar itself does not pick up the remote signal from more than approx. 10 feet away and the remote needs to be pretty much centered on the soundbar. Prior to configuring this the remote controlled everything perfectly from every angle of the room. There is nothing obstructing the signal. It just appears the soundbar can't read it from more than 10 feet. Is this standard? Is there anything that can be done to resolve this issue?


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    What remote did use to program the bar?
    The TV or cable box remote?

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    I have posted this in another thread, but just wanted to say that I am having the exact same problem. I contacted Polk today and all they could say is that maybe the soundbar has an overly directional receiver for the remote, but talked like it wasn't normal. I'm tempted to take it back, but can't find one at any Best Buy around me right now...had to go 70 miles for this one. I'm just worried that it will be the same way with a another new one after seeing several people saying the same thing.

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