man, I never thought I would've been rooting for Auburn of all teams. what an awesome game!! who saw it???

not only that but Ala-freaking-Bama!!!! Roll Tide baby! 49-7=domination like Bama should've been doin all year long. they mentioned that the whole offensive line was playing in that game and that obviously helped... some lol I still don't know if they would've gone undefeated though, South Carolina still played the best game of any team ever when they played bama. But Bama could've beaten anybody in this years bowl game no matter who it was.

and The Troy Trojans not too shavy! 48-21 and scoring on all of it's first 8 possessions, I'm sure they had the western Kentucky game where they had over 600 yards of offense and only 28 points because of turnovers and penalties I'm sure. otherwise the score would've been over 60-14. one of these days Troy is going to win 10 or 11 games, with some luck next year, and play in a big time bowl game and show everybody why Oklahoma State, Florida, and any other team won't step foot back in Troy, bc Troy dominates at home.. usually haha