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    Default UGH! I gotta find schematics for an 01 Ford Ranger and an 02 Ford E-350 van

    Guy I know has a work truck that is bare bones. Only options it came with were an AM/FM radio, A/C and power steering and brakes. The radio doesn't work anymore, only plays one station on FM, Oldies 98.1 and only the AM Christian station.

    Since it's his work truck, he doesn't own it but he can't stand the radio anymore so he grabbed a stock radio out of a Ranger that has a CD player in it.

    So what I gotta do is figure out how to wire the Ranger's harness plugs to the van's connections and I need find wiring diagrams for each vehicle to splice it togther correctly. I know I can do the splicing but I need to know what wire goes where.

    Anybody know where to get diagrams besides buying shop manuals for 2 vehicles I don't own?

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    my only useful resource has been the12volt but they dont go past year 2000.

    when i needed help with my girlfriend's car i called the local suby dealer and they let me come down and look at their books and photocopy what i needed.

    might wanna try that.

    other than that i have no idea ... although this isn't that tough of a thing dude.

    99% of the time, if you pull apart the casing to that CD player you got, it'll have the pins labeled... like on the inside where the Pin plug things get soldered to the board, they're marked at each spot...

    usually like "RF+" for right front positive and so on... "ILL" = Illumination, and sometimes there are two of these... use the positive one and jump it to ACC, leave the neg one unhooked.

    there'll be some other **** for remote turning on power antennas and crap but all u gotta do is hook up the plain jane power / ground / acc / speaker leads and cal lit a day... wire up the illumination to acc if u want, if not its not the end of hte world.

    as far as figuring out which wires in the car are which...

    -black's gonna be ground --- just in case u lost your mind.
    -lime green is usually ford power... but should be easy enough to find with a multi-meter since its the only hot wire when the car is off.
    -acc will key up when the car keys up (u're gonna kick me for being so "little johnny now u do this and that and...")
    and then alll u gotta find is the damn speaker leads which while daunting and may take u a while wont be the end of the world.

    you can speaker pop them.. take a 9 volt and take one wire hook it to +.... then take turns trying the other wires to see which one makes the speaker go "pzzzt".. thats the other lead... figureing out which is + and which is - is your own nightmare... but its doable.

    i would hit the 12 volt up and get as many of the older like 97 - 2000 ford truck diagrams as u can... take them with u to this guy's house after you've soldered wires onto his Ranger headunit and labeled all the outputs (referenceing to the ones on the baord) and then just take a hack at it - u'll figure it out -- they're probably similar to the old ones... and any slight differences u can fiddle out with the 9 volt batt.
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