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    Default mm12 wiring question..

    How should i hook em up to my RF amp?... Positive to negative on subs, negative to negative and positive to positive?

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    Depends on what kind of RF amp you have and how many MM12's.

    If you have two subs and a class AB amp, you'll have to either hook them up in stereo, or series the subs together. Series is hooking a + from one sub to the - on the other, then hooking the + from your amp to the open + on the sub and the - to the open - on the sub. Of course You'll only get half the rated power of the amp if you run it in stereo or series. If you have a Class BD amp... ie 500, 1000, or 1500... you would hook the subs up in parallel... + to +, - to - on the subs. Then you hook positive on amp to positive on a sub, and negative on amp to negative on sub.

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