Ok. I just want to make sure that I can do this. I going to be working on my power for the audio system. Im looking at getting these terminals


they are plain, and simple. This is also just for the positive side. My question is this. Since this is a four position 1) 0g 1) 4g 2) 8g if I want to add say another 4g wire to power my second amp would I be ok, provided I get the correct threading to change the screw that holds the 4g in into a set screw as well. Kind of like this one.


As you can see, not only does the screw hold the wire inside the terminal, but will also act as a set screw for another wire with the ring treminal attached.

Im trying to give a power line for each amp seperatly, and trying not to use a distro block. It will all be fused of course for protection as close to the battery as well. So, any thoughts or suggestion or experiance notes welcomed.