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Thread: polyswitches

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    Default polyswitches

    Hello,can someone please tell me were the polyswitches are located on SDA SRSs,and is it hard to replace them,alos were can i get a new pair, as always thanks much.

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    I got mine a year ago from polk customer service. They are easy to spot. Just do a search and see all the posts with pics and such. It was a piece of cake once I got the nerve to take the speakers apart. You'll do fine.

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    Polk doesn't offer them any longer. Places like Parts Express sell them, just match the info printed on your current polys. They are located on the crossover board and will be either blue of mustard colored.
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    If you can exercise self control,, or should I say "volume control" you could replace the poly's with .5 ohm 12 watt mills resistors.But,, you might want to determine if your amp is high/current caliber.I removed my polyswitches years ago,,but only after I discovered why they were tripping. Good luck,,I used to have a couple lying around,,I'll check and see if I still have them.
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