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    Question 5jr Crossover Questions

    I'm freshening up a pair of m5jr crossovers. Manufactured in March of '85. They Have the sl2000 tweets, 6502 mids, and are ported(no passive), Are fused on the back. I'm replacing the caps and resistors. All values match the obsolete schematic in the sticky up top except i have 12uf cap not the 13. 12uf cap and 1.3 resistor. Im just goin with daytons for the caps seeing as this is my first rebuild (before moving on to my 5a's, 5bs, and eventually my sda2a's). Finally my question comes about the resistor. Its a 1.3ohm 10% 5watt. After reading many threads here on things close to this subject I decided to just go with a Dayton 1.2ohm 10watt 2% from Pexpress. Well, I got them yesterday and my order shows 1.2ohm. But, they sent me 1.5ohm resists. Ive also seen schematics of updated versions showing a 1ohm resistor but with polyswitch. I need some tech talk on exactly what that resistor does and what effects any of these value changes actually do have on the sound. I know I should have posted before decisions being made But ive always been a little backwards

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    The 1.5 ohm resistor will work just fine and might actually help tame those nasty SL2000 just a little bit.
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    Thanks F1, I'll go ahead and with the 1.5's and hear what happens. As for the sl2000 being nasty, 20+ years of listening to them in my dads sda's and nearly 10 years now in my own, I've gotten pretty used to that spike. Also Amazing how years of using loud power tools without earplugs plus Audyssey EQ can tame those tweets.

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