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    Question Rt1000 started hummimg, why?

    I bought RT1000's a year or so ago, they sound great but lately they have started humming when the amps turn on. Do I need to clean something? Did I hook them up wrong? I have the sub connection connected to the receiver separately, bypassing the internal crossover. Anyone got any thoughts?

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    are your amps outboard amps? If so then the Rca cables or the jack might be loose on the amp...

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    lately they have started humming
    Maybe they're just in a really good mood!

    Sorry :(

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    It's hard to tell. It could be a transformer, bad capacitor or a bad ground. I suggest you give Polk a call, your speakers are still under warranty. Try hooking them up with speaker wires with jumpers and see if the problem is still there.

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    maybe interference from something around your house? i know they are magnetically shilded but my rti100s used to pick up interference from from my neighboor who was using a radio to talk to germany or something stupid like that, his huge antenna was interfereing with everything in my house, from TV's to phones to speakers...drives me nuts. the old bastard needs to learn how to send email.

    anyway maybe try turning on the amp without any speaker wire or RCA cables hooked up. if it hums then i would assume its an internal problem with the amp, if it stops then maybe its a bad signal coming from the receiver? just guessin here, hope it gave u some ideas
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    The FCC would frown on your neighbor interfering with your life...


    Welcome to the Club.

    Some good advice above. Also could be corrosion on your RCA jacks and/or speaker terminations. Try making and breaking all IC's, banana plugs etc. a few times.

    Or could just be it forgot the words... :)
    More later,
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    If he is a Ham operator his is certainly within the power contraints of the FCC(if he's licensed)< If he's on CB or side band (ssb) and is transmitting over 5 watts for AM or something like 7-20 on side band that is against the law.. interferring with any church, or government intercomm or such is also illegal.. or something like that, I was in CB/side band for years.. never liked the ham stuff, to many rules. I liked my tube linears to much..

    on a side note, maybe the speakers are like that Silvester stallone movie, where he humms when he races, hmmm hmm hmmm, maybe they want to be winners LOL
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