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    Question Need advice on subwoofer setup and RCA cables

    Guys, any help is appreciated

    I am about to install dual JL Audio Fathom F113 subwoofers for my HT set. Now my Denon AVR-4810ci AV receiver supports parallel connections of 2 subwoofers (it has 2 RCA slots for subwoofer connections). However, when I read my subwoofer's manual, it does include an option for me to make one sub a master and the other one a slave, hence only one RCA cable is needed to run from the master subwoofer to the AV receiver, saving me some money as well as some time running wire.

    My first question is: concentrating on sound quality, which option is better? Running parallel subwoofer connections to the AV receiver? Or running both subwoofers to the AV receiver through one connection via master-slave relationship?

    My second question is: if I break the cable run into three cables: one from sub to first wall plate, one from first wall plate to second wall plate (this cable will run in-wall), and one from second wall plate to AV receiver, will the sound quality decrease comparing to running a long cable from the sub all the way to the AV receiver?

    My third question is: I vaguely remembered either Mark (dorokusai) or some senior member of our CP mentioned previously that Signal Cables will give some discount if I mention CP, so how much discount should I expect from Signal Cables?
    Gears shared to both living room & bedroom:
    Integra DHC-80.3 / Oppo BDP-105 / DirecTV HR24 DVR /APC S15blk PC-UPS
    Living room:
    LSiM707's / LSiM706c / LSiM702 F/X's / dual JL Audio Fathom F113's / Parasound Halo A51 / Panasonic 65" TC-P65VT50
    Usher Dancer Mini 2 Diamond DMD's / Logitech SB Touch / W4S STP-SE / W4S DAC-2 / W4S ST-1000 / Samsung 52" LN52B750
    Other rooms:
    Audioengine AP4's / GLOW Audio Sub One / audio-gd NFB-3 DAC / Audioengine N22
    audio-gd NFB-10.2 / Denon AH-D7000

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMara View Post
    I am about to install dual JL Audio Fathom F113 subwoofers for my HT set.
    Dude...that will sound great regardless!!!

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    I would use the slave option. This is a balanced connection that will allow you to place the 2nd sub anywhere you want in room. I wouldn't want to try an unbalanced RCA of say 30 - 40 ft due to possible noise induction.

    Now if you are stacking them relatively close then you could go either way.

    Here is a good read on subwoofer placement that covers two subs.

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    i have one f113 im thinking of getting another what do you think about having 2 of them

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