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    Default dipole-bipole?? direct radiating

    I have 4 fx500i for surround & back. Would I get better sound from a direct radiating speaker in back or from what I am using now? It sounds good now but the surround back could sound better. thanks

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    Try bipole switch at the rear and dipole switch at the sides. Also, in the rear try to arrange it so the midrange driver faces toward the listener.
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    If you have 4 of them the two in the rear should be in Bipole mode, the sides in Dipole. This should give you a pretty sweet soundfield. The null that is created with Dipoles only will be filled by the Bipoles. The Bipoles in the rear will diffuse the sound better than a direct radiating.

    I personally don't plan to take that route, but then again I don't have 4 FX500i's laying around :) I am going with a center channel for my rear surround, it will fill in my null spot.

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