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    Default RT800 owner question for music

    So, a good friend calls me and asks me what I think of a HTIB deal at the blue BB store. And I say hey, if it sounds good to you go for it. Well, they don't have one set up so I tell him I have a center and fronts with a reciever I haven't powered in 5 I pull a pair of RT8s, a CS200, and a Pioneer VSX-605S. This stuff is from like '97 and google doesn't even help me with the reciever info like its an orphan or something definately not HDMI. Now I think the Mrs will be excited to see stuff go...cause I had even talked about it...but when I start pulling the Pioneer she was like what are you doing?

    So off to CL and I was surprised this was still available...but a phone call and $400 later I am gonna try this set up:

    Towers- RT800
    Rears- RT55
    Center- CSi40
    Sub- PSW250
    Receiver- Sony STR-DE845

    Not sure that's the best center for the towers, but I have a CS400. I figure I can't lose too much on this one, but thought I would ask the RT800 owners about their experiences. I can keep my old RT8 or what looks like an upgrade to me and keep the RT800.

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    Hello, the RT800 was my first Polk speaker. Had it for about a decade or so. Real nice for music. Can't remember the specifics as it has been probably 5-6 years since I had them and I've been through many a speaker since but I did enjoy them while they were here.

    I don't think you will be disappointed in them.
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    Thanks for the info. Seller just sent me a message that one of the "tweeters is cracked" but he will come down in price to compensate so it looks like a call to customer service to see what is available and what the original part numbers are. At least I can try the 55s while I wait.

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    I started with the Rt800's too, they're a really smooth speaker. The Cs400 is a great match with them. They are a pretty laid back speaker and definitely sound better when you feed em good clean power.
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