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    Default Polk RTA12B help

    I have a set of polk rta-12b speakers and I love them ,however I have had some issues with blowing the fuses on the tweeters.

    I have an amp that is very capable and this happens at not even half volume and no where near clipping of my amp.
    the fuse I use has a 250 volt 3/4 amp rating and that is what was in it when I got the speakers .

    I though because the power rating on these is 500 watts this would not be an issue but I am going broke buying replacement fuses .

    I do use an EQ to boost the highs and lows a bit but it never bothered any of my other speakers.

    and my present amp of choice is a Mitsubishi DA-A10DC

    any ideas on what is happening?

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    Whatever you do, only do one thing at a time to isolate the issue. I would start by taking the EQ out of the loop and play with speaker placement to enhance the high and lows. The amp at 100wpc should have not problem driving the 12s.

    Next clean all your contacts at the amp and speakers with DeOxit to ensure good connections. Fuse connectors and internal wiring also. The amp speaker posts are a weak link on that Mit. model.

    May be time to replace the capacitors in the crossovers as well.

    Let us know how it works out.
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    I removed the EQ and still at a bit before half volume the fuses blew again .so
    i swapped in another amp and still the same result.

    I believe that my next option is to replace some of the components that are on the board where the fuses are to see if that fixes the problem.

    my soldering skills are not what they once were but if I can find the parts I will give it a wack.....

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