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    Default Soundbar 3000 IHT

    just got my new soundbar 3000 and I am having a bit of trouble.

    I have the optical output hooked up to the tv ( Digital Optical Out) to the bar and have tried selecting tv speakers off and on with no sound from the soundbar. I read the instructions and have the switches on the bar and the sub both set to chan 1 and have tried all the different audio settings on my cable box. Have tried the volume with each setting change just to make sure it didn't default to 0 with each change. Never heard a peep at any setting.

    any other thoughts


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    i think it has to do with compatibility between the type of signal from your tv and the type expected by the sound bar. the tv probably sends out a dolby 5.1 channel signal and the soundbar expects a 2 channel signal.

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